Press Releases


The Annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is upon us. Taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, the show is home to hundreds of new electronics companies want you know about in 2013. Turtle Beach is ready to present to you some pretty amazing new headsets with technology and features that will blow you away. 

Turtle Beach is well known for our best-selling premium wireless headsets and are now introducing the Ear Force XP510 for Xbox 360® and the Ear Force PX51 for PlayStation3. These headsets will feature Turtle Beach’s proprietary digital signal processor (DSP), Dolby® Digital surround sound, Dual Band Wi-FI for an interference-free connection, a rechargeable battery and Bluetooth technology. Not only are these headsets the most technologically advanced headsets ever designed for consoles but are perfect for gaming, movies, and music on mobile devices. 

Our universal gaming headset, compatible with Xbox 360®, Playstation3, and the PC, the Ear Force PX21 is being upgraded. We are happy to announce the Ear Force PX22, a universal wired headset, licensed by MLG. This high performance headset features cross platform capabilities, amplified stereo sound and a number of features including variable Bass and Treble Boosts, along with Dynamic Chat Boost™. A 4-pole connector is included allowing you to go mobile with your Ear Force PX22. We have heard the PC gamers loud and clear, Turtle Beach is announcing the Ear Force Z300 and Ear Force Z22. The Z300 offers a wireless solution with Dual Band Wifi, a rechargeable battery, and Bluetooth technology. It is a premium pc gaming headset capable of answering calls or streaming music via a mobile device while playing a game. The Z22 is USB powered with a high value audio experience. It is fully mobile compatible, offering Chat Boost, and a powerful audio performance across the sonic spectrum. 

Watch for all the details on these amazing new headsets from us to you in 2013!