Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) matters have long been a vital part of Turtle Beach’s culture. For us, ESG is about doing the right thing…as individuals and as a company. This means treating each other with respect, promoting diversity and opportunities for all our employees, governing our business with high integrity, and ensuring that we are helping create a bright future for the communities we’re in and for future generations.



As a global company with offices all over the world and significant operations in New York and San Diego, we’re acutely aware of the need to protect our coastal waterways – something our employees are passionate about. We have efforts underway to direct resources toward helping to clean beaches. In addition, we’ve made progress in our drive to eliminate single use plastics from our product packaging. Longer term, we have implemented the research and development of recycled plastics into the development process of our products.



The Company has and will continue to provide direct donation support to our global offices in White Plains, NY, San Diego, CA, Hamburg Germany, Basingstoke UK, Taipei, Hong Kong, and elsewhere, allowing local employees to decide how best to use those donation dollars in their communities.


The Company will also continue to support the broader community by giving back to causes that our customers and partners care about. For instance, in 2020, in support of social justice reform we partnered with Roc Nation and Team Roc to provide financial support for The Gathering for Justice and Until Freedom.


We partnered with Shellback Tech to create custom-built gaming stations for America’s disabled veterans and first responders. And we partnered with Gamers Outreach on multiple programs to raise donations to create portable video game kiosks for hospitals to provide bedside recreation for children unable to leave their hospital rooms.


We’ve also worked with partners to drive suicide awareness and prevention, and continue supporting movements standing up against major social issues including sexual harassment and gender discrimination in the workplace.



For years, we have been strong proponents of promoting diversity in the workplace, and our recruiting process reflects our efforts to provide a diverse candidate pool for every hire we make and our implementation of diversity hiring initiatives. We are big believers that diversity in perspectives, experiences and backgrounds leads to better decision-making and a more appealing culture.


We insist that all manufacturing partners implement fair labor practices and that they responsibly source materials for our products, ensuring the communities we are involved in are positively impacted.