We believe that doing the right thing for the planet and society is important to the long-term success of our business. This means establishing an appropriate governance structure, assessing our environmental and social impacts, and reducing our negative environmental impacts while enhancing our positive social impacts whenever possible.

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In addition to information below, please see our annual sustainability report that outlines our Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) leadership and progress against our goals in 2022: ESG Report


Our Board is responsible for the control and direction of the Company and is committed to the development of effective and transparent corporate governance practices. As part of this commitment, the Board adopted our Corporate Governance Principals and Guidelines to provide a framework for the Company’s governance. Further, in 2021, our Board furthered our commitment to ESG matters by adopting our ESG Policy. Additional information about our corporate governance practices is available on our Corporate Governance webpage and in the ESG Report.


Mission Objectives

Environmental sustainability is an integral part of Turtle Beach Corporation’s strategy. By formalizing our sustainability goals, we will reduce our environmental impact, minimize risks, and meet customer expectations. In setting these goals, we reviewed our customers’ expectations, conducted a materiality assessment, interviewed leaders and managers from various departments such as product, operations, supply chain, human resources, communications, and sales, assessed sustainability guidelines published by Nasdaq and Institutional Shareholder Services, and benchmarked our strategy and goals against industry standards. We believe it is important to use a continuous improvement model for our sustainability performance, and so we have established a set of clear and measurable goals demonstrating our commitment to managing our environmental impact.

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Open World: Climate Action – Minimizing our Carbon Footprint

As a global business, we are doing our part to reduce our carbon output by seeking to neutralize emissions associated with our operations. We target to become carbon neutral with regard to our Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions from our corporate offices by 2025. As a starting point, we began assessing our carbon footprint in 2021 to understand where our Company stands and set goals accordingly. Based on that assessment, we enlisted the help of an independent, international environmental consulting firm to calculate our carbon footprint and noted the absolute total emissions.

Scope 1
Scope 2
Scope 1 & 2 - Total
642 tonnes of CO2e**
96 tonnes of CO2e
738 tonnes of CO2e
Scope 1
Scope 2
Scope 1 & 2 - Total
363 tonnes of CO2e
95 tonnes of CO2e
458 tonnes of CO2e

*2021 emissions figures have been revised to include emissions related to natural gas use at our White Plains, New York and Hamburg, Germany offices. Usage reporting from these offices is delayed due to reporting delays by the owners of the respective buildings as both offices are leased spaces in larger buildings where the Company indirectly pays for a percentage of usage based on its footprint within the building.

**Reduction in Scope 1 emissions from 2021 to 2022 primarily reflects a reduction in natural gas consumption at our office in Basingstoke, United Kingdom following a move to an office with no natural gas fittings in early fall 2022.

RPS Group, an independent third-party ESG Consultancy, assisted Turtle Beach with its calculation of its carbon footprint noted above.

UPGRADING THE EQUIPMENT: Products and Packaging

stealth 600 gen 2 max - carbon neutral

Reducing our Products’ Impacts

As one of the world’s top gaming accessory providers, we understand that most of our environmental impacts are associated with the products that we sell. We want to continue our robust history of innovation by improving the sustainability features of our products while maintaining the industry-leading quality that has always set us apart. By taking steps to reduce the environmental impacts of our products and their packaging, we help ensure that our customers can make a choice supporting their sustainability goals, our employees can know that they are working for a company conscious of its impact on our world and our stockholders can rest assured that we will continue to create shareholder value.

Carbon Neutral Products

In 2023, we launched our first CarbonNeutral® gaming headsets – the new Pink & Teal colorways of Turtle Beach’s best-selling Stealth 600 Gen 2 MAX series. The emissions generated by these headsets are offset in line with The CarbonNeutral Protocol through our partnership with Climate Impact Partners. Below is detailed information with respect to the voluntary carbon offsets purchased by Turtle Beach to offset the emissions generated by these headsets.

Seller Name
Internal Project Name
Registry Name
Project ID
Climate Impact Partners
Songpan Hydro Power, China
Sichuan Province Songpan County Muguadun Hydroelectric Project
CDM 4499
Avoidance/Emission Reduction
ACM0002 ver. 17

Million Mangroves

In addition, Turtle Beach has supported Climate Impact Partner’s Million Mangroves program where Turtle Beach contributes to the development of new Mangrove forests, which help combat future carbon emissions.

Mangroves are a high-impact and carbon-dense natural climate solution that also provide important protection in coastal areas. They enable fish and water species to thrive, as well as create valuable timber products that resist rot and insects. Mangroves have been named the “wonder tree” due to their ability to store four times more carbon than a rainforest, yet unfortunately over 35% of the world’s Mangroves have already been deforested.

Climate Impact Partners, a well-respected specialist in carbon market solutions for climate action, created the Million Mangroves program so companies can commit financially to driving one of the highest impact climate and blue carbon solutions available.

Sustainable Packaging

Smaller Box – Happier Planet

We have re-engineered our product packaging over time to reduce the overall size and allow for more efficient shipping, which reduces the carbon output associated with shipping our products.

Eliminating Single Use Plastics

We are proud to say that we have been actively working to reduce or eliminate single-use plastics from our packaging since 2015 and have effectively eliminated most of the plastic waste in packaging that cannot be recycled. Notable examples include replacing plastic blisters with a paper-pulp tray (the tray inside the box that holds the product) and eliminating plastic hang tags and plastic bags and twist ties that hold cables. Some plastic packaging materials remain where we have not found a solution that ensures delivery of a quality product to our customers, but we are continuing to research innovative ways to eliminate plastic completely.

As part of our ongoing efforts, in 2022, certain models of our headset range achieved a 90% reduction in plastic from their original packaging. For example, we reduced the plastic use in packaging by 88% (by weight) for our Stealth 600X Gen 2 model (as compared to our Stealth 600X Gen 1 model). With some of our other models, we reduced plastic use by 87%-96% (by weight). By 2024, we aim to eliminate plastic use in packaging in select products.

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We design and build our products for a lifetime of play. However, we know there will come a time when you want to upgrade to the next level. We encourage end-of-life stewardship for our products and support our retail and distributing partners’ recycling programs. The separate collection and recycling of our products at the time of disposal will help conserve natural resources and ensure that they are recycled in a manner that protects human health and the environment. For more information about how you can help support proper recycling of our products and where you can drop off our old products for recycling, please contact your local authority or the store where you purchased your product.

turtle beach certified refurbished

In addition to supporting responsible recycling of our products, we support resource responsibility and waste reduction through our refurbished product program. Through this program, we refurbish returned products so they can help our customers play at their best level, rather than sit in landfills. Click here to learn about our refurbished products.


Our employees are our greatest assets in our efforts to drive innovation. In 2022, We remain committed to our fundamental goal of ensuring that Turtle Beach is a great place to work.

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We are focused on continuing to build a corporate culture of integrity and respect, with the goal of working together to drive our business to be creative, innovative and competitive. To achieve these objectives, we have adopted and regularly communicate to our employees the following core values:

  • Leadership: We take initiative and lead in our respective roles. We lead by example.
  • Teamwork: We work as a team and value diversity. We win together and lose together.
  • Excellence: We take pride in our work and seek excellence in everything we do.
  • Integrity: We are honest, direct and transparent in all interactions.
  • Innovation: We innovate to deliver better products and constantly improve every aspect of our company.
  • Execution: We do what we say we will do and take personal accountability for our commitments.

We seek to create a highly collaborative culture in which employees feel a sense of pride that their input is sought after and valued. We believe that our culture is a long-term competitive advantage for us, fuels our ability to execute and is a critical underpinning of our employee talent strategy.


We are proud to serve the communities in which we work and live. Turtle Beach provides budgets for each global office to make local donations, which allows employees to decide how those donation dollars are best utilized in their respective communities. We believe these donations help our employees feel more connected to their communities through their work at Turtle Beach, ultimately helping with employee satisfaction and retention, which in turn creates long-term value for our business. We also support the broader community by giving back to causes that we, our customers, and our partners care strongly about. In 2023 and beyond, we plan to continue our efforts to support local organizations in our communities that share our common goals of bringing people together and giving back.